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About Me

MY ValueS

Trust your business with me and take it to the next level

My Vision

My vision is to be the leading provider of innovative and impactful SEO services, empowering businesses to reach new heights in their digital marketing efforts and drive sustainable growth through increased online visibility.

My Mission

My mission is to provide effective and efficient SEO strategy to businesses of all sizes, helping them to achieve their digital marketing goals and increase their yearly revenue.

My Commitment

I am committed to providing ethical and effective SEO services that deliver tangible results to my clients. I believe in open and transparent communication and always prioritize the needs and goals of my clients.


Journey of a digital marketing entreprenuer

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California and had a diverse upbringing that allowed me to explore my interests and try different careers. My entrepreneurship started in grade school where I sold sports cards and comics. I embraced technology early on, became a frequent AOL user, and by 1997 I started building websites in high school.

I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in multimedia, design, and photography. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I started a subscription-based content business and dabbled in SEO, domain buying, and affiliate marketing right out of college.

I got my first corporate job in 2006 as a web developer and SEO in the music industry. This led to a side hustle as a nightclub promoter and nightlife photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I would rank for search terms like “san francisco parties” and “san francisco nightlife .” With the newfound following, I launched a streetwear business with my brother on Telegraph Ave, Berkeley CA called Filthy Dripped. At the time, I was ranking #1 for the keyword “streetwear” which led to an insane amount of business. The store became a brand and was sold in over 200 locations worldwide. I later opened up a ramen restaurant next door called So Oishi and ranked for keywords like “berkeley ramen restaurant” and “bay area ramen burgers.”

By 2011, my journey as a B2B SaaS marketer began at SuccessFactors (acquired by SAP). At SuccessFactors, I ranked on the first page for 90% of our target keywords. I heard a lot about the cool perks at startups, so I decided to check out the startup scene and went on to work at SmartRecruiters and Anaplan. At Anaplan, I took on a more general digital marketing role that included: SEO, SEM, ABM, display advertising, and managed the web marketing team.  I got recruited by a company named Workday in 2017. At Workday, I achieved the best SEO results in my career. I won the Best International SEO Award from Brightedge Share19. And, I generated over $500 million in revenue from SEO for the company in 2021.

A few of my recent SEO wins include first-page rankings for keywords like “eSignature”,  “VPN alternative,” and multiple “(city) airport parking.” I’ve consulted with non-competing companies as a side hustle and enjoy the different industries and challenges it brought me as an SEO.  I am excited to take this side hustle to the next level!

Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to helping you grow your business and drive more revenue!

Paul Andre de Vera - Entrepreneur - Host - Producer (16)