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Highly strategic and effective law SEO services for your law firm

Law SEO will generate more traffic and patients from your local are. I can help by providing the following:


Invest in your practice's growth with law SEO, generate cost effective traffic and rankings to attract more clients.

Google Business Profile

What makes your business better than your competitors? How do you outperform other local businesses?

Google Business Profile

What's included: GBP management, brand awareness, proximity optimization, optimize responses to reviews optimization, local seo content marketing plan

On-page SEO

Is your content helpful? Does your content answer a searcher's intent? Are your headlines, title, meta, header, and images optmized for search engines?

On-page SEO

What's included: short URL, descriptive URL, compelling title tag & meta description, link to relevant resources, add schema markup, add internal links, and proprietary content tuning.

Off-page SEO

Are you building backlinks, encouraging branded searches, and increasing engagement and shares on social media?

Off-page SEO

What's included: replicate your competitors’ links, reclaim lost links, pursue unlinked mentions,publish guest posts, pitch resources pages, find people linking to inferior content, social and pr strategy

Performance driven law firm SEO services

I am a passionate SEO who takes pride in my work. I treat your company as it was own. I align with your company’s goals.

Keyword Monitoring

Proactive keyword tracking. I will identify opportunities or rank decreases to take action.

Strategy Sessions

Monthly meetings to address action items, view performance, and brainstorm new content topics.

Site Monitoring

Proactive site audits. I will crawl your site monthly to identify any potential technical SEO errors.

Premium Support

Unlimited email support with quick response times. Email exchanges do not consume consulting hours.

Common Questions

Working with me is easy

If you have any questions, please email or call me. Here are a few frequently asked questions on our partnership.

An SEO lawyer isn't a legal professional. Instead, it's a title often given to a law firm SEO expert or consultant who specializes in offering law firm SEO services. These experts understand the nuances of the law firm's digital marketing requirements, ensuring their website ranks high on search engines.

Yes, absolutely! With the increasing reliance on firms' internet presence, SEO has become critical. A law firm SEO company or SEO agency can help tailor a firm's website to appear prominently in search results. Many attorneys have seen a significant lead influx after investing in attorney SEO services.

The investment varies. A law firm might spend a few hundred dollars a month on basic optimization, while others allocate thousands for a comprehensive strategy with a top-tier SEO firm. Factors include the primary market, the competition, and the desired results.

Absolutely. To compete in today's digital landscape, law firm SEO is paramount. SEO experts ensure a firm is not left behind in the evolving legal trends. A dedicated team comprising developers, strategists, and consultants can craft an effective internet marketing plan.

Local SEO connects lawyers with people in their immediate area searching for local services. For instance, someone looking for family law assistance will find it beneficial if a nearby law firm shows up in services ads on search results. An SEO company or consultant can help optimize for these local queries.

Begin with a thorough audit by a law firm SEO consultant. They'll highlight areas for improvement. It's essential to produce keyword-rich content, ensuring your lawyer's expertise shines. Engage a developer and SEO strategist to ensure a mobile-friendly design, fast load times, and the garnering of reputable backlinks. It's a comprehensive effort, but with the right digital marketing campaign orchestrated by SEO companies, a law firm can see substantial returns.

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